A floral stem placed in a blown glass jar which normally serves as a syrup or vinaigrette container, an atmospheric mist with rosemary and grapefruit aromas and a handmade scouring pad, nothing like this to create a freshness in the kitchen.


Has someone you know just finished fitting out their new kitchen? This box will then be the ideal gift to congratulate her on her new project and which will also allow her to add a practical and aromatic decorative element to her kitchen. Take the opportunity to send him a personalized message.




  • LA VIE Rosemary and Grapefruit Mist (Made in Quebec)
  • Gray glass jar, hand blown A+J MÉTISSAGE (Made in Quebec) 22 cm high x 9 cm diameter
  • JOOLIES nylon scouring pad (Made in Quebec



 PACKAGING: Rigid black cardboard box, black straw, black tissue paper


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